Monday, February 7, 2011

My New BFF and update on bathroom

I told you that I wanted to show you my new BFF, and here it is:

My husband and I were so excited to get this. We will be sharing this one until I can get the one I really want.

 But for now this is it. Love LOVE it!

Now I can get rid of this one and get my dinning room back. I will still keep it for my kids but I'm going to pack it up for awhile.

Now this is just a mess and I just tired of looking at it.

Well, here we go again, we have another wave of winter storms heading this way so that means no more school for three days. I am so ready for the spring to be here. Well I guess I will take advantage and get my living room closet painted and also my pantry, I do want to update you on the bathroom we were working on, all is left is the door and shower head and handle before we can use it again. We will have to still but the open shelves above the toliet but that won't take long, I hope not! Ha!
What are you using to blog on?

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  1. I love those flowers on the laptop! That would be a fun laptop to have!


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