Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Sold and Goodbye

Wow, can't believe our home sold in 3 days! That was fast! We are so excited to get into our new home soon! Since we are going to be so busy the next fews months, I going to be shutting this blog down. I loved blogging and meeting alot of people on here, but its now time for our family to move on in the real world. I thank all of you who have followed me. Wish you all the best! Goodbye!

UPDATE: We decided to end of staying in our home here but. I'm still shutting this blog down.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Sale

My husband and I decided a couple of years ago we wanted to have no more house payments. So we worked and worked hard to finish projects around our home so we could put it up for sale.  Well that day is finally here. Our home got put up on the market yesterday and we already have a showing tonight. Wish us luck! 

Here's some pics looking back at our home:

We all loved this big backyard and had some many memories!

Going to miss living here but also, I know we are doing what is best for our family too.
We will move on and make even more memories at our new home!

Friday, July 29, 2011

front porch rails

Our porch rails were looking very sad, so I started chipping the paint off and primed and painted it. 

 (the rails were cream and blue)

 Now I need flowers but its just too hot to plant anything that will survive this extreme heat. So I'm just going to get some wood chips to put in there for now. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We got a new mailbox this past week and my husband installed for us. I got some brown spray paint and painted it. He painted the post, and I got some numbers from Walmart and painted them blue to match our home.  Here's a before and after shot of the mailbox.

We loved how it turned out! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Roof

We got back home yesterday and had a good time at the waterpark with the kids.  We got burnt though OUCH!!!  Not to bad. 
Our roofers came out today to put on our new roof. Bright in early to get started ripping our two layered roof off.  It turned out great we are very much pleased with the results, it does look much better in person than is this picture. 

Before: (it was a grayish blue color)


Here's the roof all cleared off:

Roof Before: (our shed last year)

Our New Roof After:

They still like putting our new gutter on, not sure when that will be cause of the other roofs being replaced around this side of town. But hopefully it will be here soon. Well at least we have time to paint the trim before they come put the gutter on.
I will be posting our new mailbox tommorrow. Also, our siding for the front will be delievered out tommorrow morning so it has been pretty busy this week getting things back to normal.  Thank you Lord!!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Road Trip Snacks

We are getting ready to take a mini road trip to Muskogee Ok.  They have a fun little water park that the kids and us really enjoying going to.  We are also, planning on moving there soon. We are also going to check out some homes as well.  I just wanted to share some snacks ideas that we are taking with us.  Pre bag everything will help out so much, just grab and go.

 For dinner we plan on getting tv dinners, bag of salad and french bread for our meal. Taking brownies from home for dessert. If you plan ahead you can save alot of money on food instead of eating out, which would cost alot for a family of 5. Hope my tips will help you on your next trip.

chips for sandwiches

pretzel sticks

covered choco pretzels kids love these! But didn't get alot of these cause I didn't want some hyper kids in the backseats.

Granola bars

Cheese/crackers  and Cheese/pretzels  Wow I guess you can say we like pretzels ha!

Oranges, strawberries, grapes, and carrot sticks

Yogurt tubes and regular yogurt (for me and hubby) and cheese sticks

I made up 20 sandwiches altogether.  I made ham and cheese and pbj

Drinks:  Water and Capri Sun's, and Oj for the morning.

I made these little bags up for the kids in the back so they can help themselves with a snack or two before we get there.


We don't have a tv for the van but we have mp3 players for the girls and zack has a ds and got coloring books with small bags of crayons, hopefully that will keep them busy til we get there. Its only 2hrs and 30min but kids get bored easy!

After that hail storm blowing a few weeks ago, having to deal with insurance claims and fixing everything back up. We are so ready to leave and get away even though its only two days we are ready to have a break! Gonna show our new roof soon, and mailbox and garage door. Still finishing our living from this post, just got baseboards left. The storm and air conditioner going out, just set us back on everything inside our home. Hope to have it all done soon and get it on the market to sell.

Hope you are staying cool this hot hot summer!
Be back soon!