Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished Painting........kinda

This past week when we were out of school, I knew were going to be snowed in so, I wanted to stay busy.  Grayce and I ran to Lowes to pick me up some paint for my living room closet and pantry. I started working on it as soon as the kids went to bed. I had already primed the walls on a previous day. So away I went painting. Well, I discovered I had a problem.....it was a darker tint then the one I needed, of course the next day I discovered this and was not able to go to the store due to the snow. So anyways, yesterday I was able to get out and exchange the paint and get the right one so now its finally done, and here are some before and after shots. Enjoy!

The Living Room Closet

I keep my weights and mat in this closet to be closer for me when I workout.

The Pantry

It was a very late night I just wanted to go to bed so I put everything in the pantry and went to bed. Did I mention I was even painting my ceilings through the house (hallway, living room and kitchen). So that's why my night was really late. The color on the ceiling was a tan color when we moved in the house I had painted the ceiling as well as the walls. I just haven't gotten to paint in back white until last night. I opened up the rooms so much.

see here is the tan as I was making my way in the living room:

Here's the hallway drying with the tape still up. It opened it up and made it much brighter as well. I have learned not to paint ceilings again leave them white.

Sorry this is so long, but I just have to say My husband is the greatest! Friday morning I was coming back home from dropping the kids off at the bus stop and I came back in the house and he said I had left something on the kitchen counter. I thought what did I leave???? Well I go around the corner I see this:

My early Valentines Day gift. He's the greatest and sweetest. I was reading the card with tears rolling down my eyes. I love you honey your the best.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
I'm so excited to show you our kids bathroom, we my husband got the door in and now all is left is to get a shower head and handle and our vanity mirror and finish our open shelves over the toliet. I'll try to show it off soon!

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