Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wicker Chair makeover and patio

Remember back here when I picked up this wicker chair! Well I repainted it and gave it new life, I love it. Did you know that the dollar general has $1 paint in black and white. I have been buying it there for awhile now. Anyways, had to used two cans on this baby but it was well worth every penny!

Free wicker chair on the side of the road + $2 spray paint = New Awesome chair!

Here it is on the patio with my other chair I had in the house here but when we got a new sectional I had no where to put it but in the garage for now. I was going to sell it and one day I decided I needed another chair outside on the patio, so now it here. I love going outside and sitting in the evening with the candles lit and soft music playing watching the stars! What a great way to relax in the evening after the kids go to bed. Awww my lovely nights... I could go on and on! 

As you can see I need to paint the walls and the floor, maybe I'll get around doing that this summer along with screening the patio in. I can't wait, its going look so good! But its a start to getting a nice and relaxing place for me and my husband to look forward too in the summer evenings!

This little table I picked up at a yard sale this past weekend for only $4 and I didn't even have to paint it.

Heres the patio pretty big! We have alot to do with it but I've been taking one thing at a time and it makes it go easier, and not overwhelmed with everything at once. But I've been having fun thinking up different ideas for the patio while sitting out there at night. 
 I just wish my husband would take his saw and put it elsewhere not on the patio! HA! Oh well then he couldn't work on anything in the house with it! HA!


  1. Looks great! I love relaxing out on the deck all evening long. We just need some nice weather to be able to do so. It has been rainy, rainy, rainy here in the NW.
    Hope you are having a beautiful day where you are. :)

  2. Its been pretty nice I can say, but a few days here and there we get a rain shower in the mornings.


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