Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thrifty Shopping

I had was off work monday had somethings to do. My mom and I ran by a few thrift store while we were out. Our first store we stopped at, we walked in and got an 35% off coupon on each of our items, then while we were shopping the manager came on the speaker and said if you have a picture id then bring it to the front and I'll give you 50% on your purchases. I though WOW! So we ran up to the front and we were ready to check out anyways! That was awesome! She said they are going to start doing that on every Monday! Then off to the next store GOODWILL. We were shopping around and this lady was asking us if we had a discount card and we said NO. She said when you go to check out let me know and you can use mine. That was so nice of her to let me use her card. I got 10% off of my purchase there. Awesome day for savings!
Here are the items I got and planning on doing alot of painting with these.

I haven't decided where I want the floor lamp after I paint it here beside the couch

or behind it, I'm leaning towards behind it.
I was going to paint it either white, black or what about a dark brown? What do you think?


  1. I say paint the lamp a dark metal! SOme thing like Krylons Outdoor spaces Hammered Metal...in a deep...Oh just come over here and see it! hahaha But seriously I do have a color I can show you that I think would look GREAT!

  2. yes, silver would look nice.


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