Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting ready for the Summer!

Since this is my kids last week of school, I have to keep them busy through the summer and I ran across this idea here at poppies at play! So I decided to use the idea at home with my kids. We started last weekend writing things down that they want to do, if they had so much fun writing them down then I know they are gonna have more fun doing them.

here is what you do:
In the fun jar you place things that you could do everyday like eating Popsicles, playing in the backyard pool, going to a park, having a picnic lunch etc... the kids get to draw out a slip everyday. Then in the adventure jar you put places to go and you do once a week. We draw ours on Sunday and then plan a day that week that our adventure can take place! These are places like the zoo, the city pool, children's museum, planetarium, aquarium, splash park, having a sprinkler party with friends, getting ice cream from Arctic Circle etc...

Thanks Poppies at Play for this fun idea! I hope you try this at your home!


  1. That is such a great idea! That would keep my kids from getting too bored this summer! :)
    Our kids don't get out of school until the tenth of June. I can't wait! Even as an adult, kids out of school signals the official beginning of summer!!
    Hope you have a great week! Beth. :)

  2. After I have posted this I think I might add a rainy day jar too. You have a great week too!


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