Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Big Thank You to our Teachers and Our Bus Driver

Tommorrow is my kids last day of school, so I wanted to give their teachers a little something to thank them for all of their hard work they have done for the year. I found these cute jars at the dollar tree and stickers, bought the chocolate candy at wally world.  I added the stickers and put the chocolates in them and......Volia cute little thank you jars!

Oh and I can't forget about our wonderful Bus Driver, I bought him a thank you card with some york chocolates to go inside for a treat!

I have been working on my wicker chairs and back porch not quite done with it but I'll be showing some of the progress that I've been doing to make it a fun and relaxing place for me and my family! This summer we have talked about screening the porch in so I'm excited about that! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and safe holiday coming up!

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  1. What a great gift! Your teachers will love them! Our teachers are getting recyclable bags from Target, gourmet popcorn and cookies!


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