Friday, May 28, 2010

side table redo

I had picked up this little table at the goodwill a few weeks back and refinished it to go outside on my patio. I only paid $5 for this little table.

Here's what it looked like before: (it was screaming for a new makeover)

I sanded it on and primed the legs

I painted the legs a glossy white that I had around the house, we used them on our cabinets and trim

This is the color I used to stain the top, I added three or four coats to the color desired

VOLIA.........heres the finished touch! I love it!

here it is on my back patio


  1. Your table looks great! And I have a lantern JUST LIKE THAT! and I love it:)

  2. What a great find! And you did good making her look pretty! :)
    Have a great weekend! Beth.

  3. thank you both for the comments, I had fun working on this project it was an easy one!


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