Thursday, February 4, 2010

From White to Black

Remember when I painted my front door here, I decided to paint the inside of the door. I like how it turned out, it looks good with the new paint my husband and I painted a couple of months ago. Its Tabbaco Road love it. I like its my new favorite color for the walls, it a neutral but settled color.  Just look how it pops the color out with the black door.

Before and After:


  1. That turned out sooo cute! If I had white woodwork, I would totally do that too! We have yucky "honey" woodwork since white was more expensive when we built our house!

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  3. you know you can always paint it Jodee. We also had that in our house too, but we put in new trim throughout the house but some of the trim we just sanded and painted, never would have known it was the honey color.


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