Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bathroom......still in progress

My husband has been working on our bathroom for awhile now, but I can say that we have almost completed it. He still likes touch-up work and our open shelves over the toliet which I found a great video to help us build them.  I'm so excited to show off my husband's hard work and time he has put in on this bathroom. So here we go........(sorry for the pics we have no window and it has limited lighting)

here he is changing out the hardware that came with the cabinet
from this......

to these..............
much better

here is a view looking in from the hallway, look I need to paint the wall in the hallway since our door is up now.

we got one of those toothpaste holders for the kids, so no more messing sinks
my husband found this one at bed bath and beyond for only 9.99 and it came with a spin brush, and cheaper than the ones you see on tv.

my light I found brand new in the box at the goodwill for only 10.00, I was so excited when I brought it home to show my husband and he was excited about it too

here sits our lonely toliet waiting for some beautiful shelves above it to keep it company! Ha!

the towel bar just waiting to be used and to keep our little babies warm when they get out of the shower\bath
the color on the wall is rainwashed from behr and
I ended up going with the rainwashed instead of the blue opal which I purchased and paint one coat and it ended up being to light for the room and took it back and got the rainwashed and it was much better.


and last but not least our shower caddy is ready to be put up in the corner, but that's where to touch up comes in before this baby can go up.

this is our awesome shower head it has 5 settings on this baby, can't wait to try it out

Well there you have our bathroom still in progress but alot from the last post on did on it.
Our kids saw their new bathroom and they were so excited, they actually told me that daddy and I were not allowed in their new bathroom! Ha, I thought that was so cute I wanted to share!

This weekend since it was such nice weather I painted my girls bunkbed and can't wait to show it off on monday!

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