Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Addition to Our Family!

We are so excited to let you meet our new addition to our family HANNAH!
On sunday afternoon my husband and I were on the net looking around for cocker spaniels to give Jackson (our other cocker spaniel) a new friend, when we came across one and we just knew we had to go and get her.  She was at the local animal shelter so we raced up there before she was gone! When we got there we noticed on her cage that they had taken her up to the Pets Mart for their adoption showings. So we raced again to go get her hoping and praying that she will still be there when we get there.  Of Course she was since she's with us now.  She has got a wonderful and loving home now and that's all any pet wants!

She's a little camera shy so this is the only good pic I could get of her. She's so precious! We had shaved all of her hair off when we got her so she would be cool the rest of the summer! We also do that with Jackson as well.


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