Saturday, January 9, 2010

Zack's Lego Birthday Cake

My son Zack had ask me to make him a lego cake for his birthday! So I remembered seeing one here and thought that would be an easy cake to make which is was beside the icing, it was a little tricky but I got it done. I hope he likes it, he stayed the night with a cousin and hasn't seen it yet, he's going to love it. We are celebrating his birthday tommorrow with my husband side of the family then next weekend I have family coming in from out of town and he'll get another party then too. I just love make cakes for my kids and then the best part is when they finally see it for the first time. Well here are the steps I did for the cake:

Our course bake the cake in a 13x9 cake pan and then cut the cake in four pieces as you can see in picture. I also bake some very small cupcake for the tops of the legos.

I divided the icing up and colored them four different colors.

and munching on these and drinking some of this:

Finally he it is Lego cake for My son, Happy Birthday Sweetie We love You!

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