Monday, May 18, 2009

Thrify Treasures

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures, where you are sure to see some fun finds from garage/yard/thrift shopping. Be sure to go by both of these wonderful sites for some great ideas!

I haven't been to the goodwill lately so my daughter and I ran down the street to the goodwill store. We found these goodies for our night and paid only $7.xx dollars for all them. The plates are going to be painted white and hung in my bedroom because someone decided they were going to take a plate off the wall and it fell and broke. Oh who could have that been, "MISS KAYLAH". Oh well at least I didn't pay a whole lot for the plate to begin with. Of course I will update pics when they are done and hung. The blue container I'm going to use for the kids art supplies and the pink basket to put all of the videos in for the girls room.

Blue container: $1
pink basket: .50
movies: .99 each
plates: .50 each
butterfly wings: .50
Total: 7.52

I found these cute wings for my girls in the bins at the very bottom. It was funny because I just had looked it that bin and never saw nothing that I wanted and then we just happen to go back and I discovered them at the very bottom of the bin, and I grabbed them up for only.... here we go .50 cents. They are like brand new. WooHoo!

This was just too cute! My sweet baby girl! I found this lamp out garage saling about 2 weeks ago, and only for $2.00 couldn't pass this deal by. I painted satin nickel and now in search for a cute lamp shade for it.



I love how it turned out!


  1. Very useful items, and the wings are so cute!

  2. Great job on the lamp. I'm getting all kids of ideas for my new house!

  3. Love lamp transformation. Great finds!

  4. Jamie, that spray paint works every time! Great find. Thanks for playing.


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