Monday, April 20, 2009

While my husband was out!

My husband lefted Thursday night to head off to Lake Tenkiller for a fishing trip with his dad and brother. While he was out I decided to get busy redoing our bedroom. Its pretty sad that we have lived here in this house for over 7 yrs and never painted or anything to our room besides a new floor and bed. First of all I took everything off the walls to get them ready for paint. Friday I primed the walls and then ate some dinner then got back to painting the walls. I got them all done and called it a night. I started to paint this armoire I bought off of craigslist for 50.00. But I got the wrong color black so I just called it a night after that. Saturday morning Zack and I got up and went to change out the paint and pick up a few more things, and headed back home to finish things up. It took me all day to finish painting the armoire but its done. But in between drying I started moving things back in my bedroom. My dad helped me put the armoire in and they took all of the kids for me so I could put the final pieces in the room. Woo Hoo! I was done! Next time I'm going to call in an army to help me, that's a lot of work to do for one person in one short weekend. This room is still in progress but here is what I did so far.

This is the armoire before:

Here's the after:

I'm going to make some cute little curtains to hide all of my bedding in the bottom. I also need curtains for my window as you can see its just a sheet there for now.

I got a few of these at the goodwill store and got some spray paint....

And here's the finishing touch.

This iron piece was black before and I spray painted it white. I'm going to get two candle holders to hang on the wall to go on the sides of the piece.

I wanted a bedskirt that would go all of the way to the floor, so I picked up some just plain white material and no sewing here I hot glued in to the bedskirt that I already had on there, being careful not to get my mattress.

The last thing I wanted to do with our computer is get a new desk but I just didn't have a whole lot of time to finish everything myself, so I'll get my husband to help me finish the other pieces. I did paint the mirror shelf white and it was dark brown. Then we will be finished but overall he loved the room and said it was more inviting now than before.

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  1. Holy moly! You did a fabulous job on your bedroom makeover. My favorite part is the armoire, however, I love the vases too! Your hubby must have been sooo surprised!

    Hope you have a great week!


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