Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Roof

We got back home yesterday and had a good time at the waterpark with the kids.  We got burnt though OUCH!!!  Not to bad. 
Our roofers came out today to put on our new roof. Bright in early to get started ripping our two layered roof off.  It turned out great we are very much pleased with the results, it does look much better in person than is this picture. 

Before: (it was a grayish blue color)


Here's the roof all cleared off:

Roof Before: (our shed last year)

Our New Roof After:

They still like putting our new gutter on, not sure when that will be cause of the other roofs being replaced around this side of town. But hopefully it will be here soon. Well at least we have time to paint the trim before they come put the gutter on.
I will be posting our new mailbox tommorrow. Also, our siding for the front will be delievered out tommorrow morning so it has been pretty busy this week getting things back to normal.  Thank you Lord!!!!!

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