Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun Moment

Having some down time with the kids. I haven't done a clay face mask in about 10yrs, oh my it felt so good.  The girls saw me putting mine on, they were asking me to put one on them.  So, I pulled their hair back and got busy.  They thought they looked silly, but they had fun putting the green silly mask on. They thought it was magic when they washed their faces. Its so funny what kids will say! 
I told the girls that every friday we are going to have to do a home spa night just for girls, and make a tradition of it as they get older. Of course Zack heard and he said SPA, I want to get in the water too! Ha! See what I mean! Here are some shots we did, we could hardly more our mouths!

Zack got in the action too.

I hope you have enjoyed our little fun moment!

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