Thursday, March 10, 2011

little update in living room

Over the weekend I did a little update with my curtains, pillows and two new frames on the wall in my living room.  I wanted to brighten it up a little so I chose white it always does the trick.  So, I ahead to the walmart when I got off work last friday and picked up four white flat sheets for the curtains, well I thought I got four flat sheets, when I was ready to start on them I opened one package and discovered I had picked up a FITTED sheet instead in fact I got two fitted and two flat. I was upset, cause I wanted to finish it up that night. Well I got one side done.  Had to go to the store the next day and exchange the sheets. The funny thing is I even checked three times before I went to check out too.  I must I had a big time moment that day! Here are the curtains I sewed and hang. I also painted my rods I had already had black. I wanted to buy new ones but I thought it would cost me about $2 for spray paint instead of 30.00 for rods. I love how they turned out too.





I made envelope pillows using this tutorial video
One of the easiest pillows I've ever made.

This pillow was so easy to make.  I found this tutorial here

I found these pictures off the net and uploaded them to walmarts 1hr photo and then went and picked them up, along with to matted frames for $5 each.
I had the pictures blowed up to 8x10 and the frames are 11x14. If I were to buy these at walmart it would have cost me around 30.00 or more and it was just half of that making it myself. Planning on making another frame and taking down the frame with a plate by my front door.

Just the smallest changes always makes the biggest difference in a room.
Next week is our springbreak and I need to start planning on things to do to keep the kiddos busy and having fun! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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