Friday, February 4, 2011

Update on Weight Loss Journey

I know its been awhile since I last talked about my weight loss journey. I had bought me an elliptical on Craigslist for only 35.00 and this is how I was working out along with hand weights. Currently I'm lifting the 10 lb hand weights and feel like I'm almost ready to move up to a higher weight. Currently as of today I have lost 11 lbs and have came to a stop on losing any weight, not really where I want to be but I'll take it as long as I don't start gaining then I'm in trouble. I have struggled so much on this for years of losing weight from having kids. Since we were stuck in the house all week, we all really wanted to get out. So, we headed to Gamestop down the street from us, and picked up the Just Dance 1 for the girls. While we were there, my husband wanted to get me the wii board, so I could workout on it (since we are in doors for awhile). I have been wanted the new BIGGEST LOSER Wii Challenge Game, and I got it today and worked out and it about killed me. WOW, what a workout! It was great though. I think this will help me out alot and changing up my workouts for awhile. 
This game has so many different workouts to do, but I'm working on the belly workout and its an 8 week workout. I like this game it also shows you recipes, weightloss tips, and more.

Now I'm ready to get some more weight off. Wish me luck!
Happy Friday!

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