Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Texture and Paint

Homax Spray Texture is what we will be using to texture our sheetrock. Here are some tips on how to spray and texture a wall or sheetrock:

I found this on SW site and was playing around with some of the colors to see what colors I would like for the kids bathroom.  I found two colors that I liked but I think I like the grayish blue color better, cause I'm afraid to go darker and close the room up. With the lighter color it will open it up. What do you think?

Sherwin Williams- Umber- #6146

Thank you Beth for advising on this color, I like it much better.

Behr Blue Opal

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Jamie. I like lighter colors better, so out of those two choices, I like Rainwashed better. Be aware, though, that the Rainwashed appears blue on the computer screen, but it is actually a green. A minty green. The outside of our house is painted with Rainwashed, and it is very green. To get a true grey-blue, you actually have to go more grey on the paint card than what you would think. A couple of grey-blues that I have used in my house, and love, are Twilight Grey by Behr, and Blue Opal from Behr. The Twilight Grey is a little more grey and darker than the Blue Opal. I painted my daughters room Twilight Grey, lightened up by 50 percent by the paint people at Home Depot, and it looks really nice. Both of my bathrooms are painted in Blue Opal, and I love it! And a nice thing about grey-blue is that pretty much every color looks good with it. I've never had anything clash with grey-blues.
    Choosing just the right paint color is so tough. Good luck. :)
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Oh my gosh thank you so much for the tip, I'm so glad I haven't got the paint yet because I may not have liked a green minty bathroom. I'll have to look for that Blue Opal at HD. I google that color and it does look better than the rainwashed and its more of the blusih-gray I was going for. Sometimes its better to look in person at color chips than on the computer. This is the toughest part to pick a color, with some many colors out there to choose from and trying to match up with the tile in the bathroom. Thanks again for the advise.


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