Thursday, August 26, 2010

recap of birthday!

The girls had a wonderful birthday! They first started out with some yummy chocolate sprinkle donuts for breakfast!

They had cupcakes at school with their friends!
I had to work so my mom and dad were able to take them up there and see their friends and teachers, the girls were so surprised because they kept asking me we need a snack for class for our birthday and I told them not this time, boy were they surprised. I wish I could have been there. The girls got the hello kitty ones and the boys toy story 3 ones. These are the leftover ones that we had.

When they got home from the bus I took them to get their nails painted at a Nail salon in Walmart. They loved it! They both picked out hot pink but Kaylah's was darker than Grayce's and both got flowers on the tips of two nails.

I have signed my kids up for the birthday club and they get a FREE wacky pack at Sonic  each year on there birthday! So we kinda changed our plans on eating in so they got their free meals and were happy!

We headed off to Mardels store they were wanting some cross necklaces, and they got a new bible, a shirt, and a necklace. We were going to head to Toyrus but we needed to get home cause we had their Nanny, Papa, and Great Grandmother coming to see us. They ate cake and drink pop with us while the girls opened their gifts. We all had fun!

Thank you moms and dads and grandmother for making the girls day today! We love you all!  Hope you are all having a great week.

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