Friday, April 23, 2010

Flower Lamp Shade

I have always wanted to make a flower lamp shade, I have seen them here on the blog world but have never done it until today!  I recently painted my girls lamp pink and got a new lamp shade, and I knew I want to do something with their shade but really didn't know what, but today I figured it out. FLOWERS!!!!! 

I bought these containers at the goodwill awhile back and just sat them out until today!

Before the shade got dressed up!

I just took all of the flowers off the containers and some I had to hot glue together.

I ended up using these some petals as fillers and the back I didn't have enough flowers to cover the whole thing but it worked out great!

And Volia! Turned out cute better than I thought it would! My girls haven't seen it yet so they are going to be so excited when they seen it!

I have been cleaning rooms and changing beds today, but while everything was going in the dry and washer, I caught a Jackson sleeping on the blankets! He's so cute, he loves sleeping on the blankets on the kids.

Well I'm off to see the washer, the wonderful washer and dryer! HA!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Very cute! The girls are going to love it!! :)

  2. This project is wonderful. Love how the flowers come alive when you turn the light on!

  3. What a beautiful idea! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  4. How girlie!!! Thanks for linking up! :) Jackson in the laundry is CUTE! hehe

  5. I like that lampshade A LOT!!! It looks so feminine and beautiful! I could see that in my daughters room!!!

  6. Thank you I love how it turned out, I was a little scary cause I was running out of flowers but it worked out anyhow!


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