Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Luck today

I must have been having some good luck today. I went to work and was getting ready to start serving the kids and our area supervisor came over and was our overall review rating of our school. We ended up getting a 98.5% out of 100%, then on top of that he came to me and said that I was recieving an award with a gift card that goes along with it. I was SHOCKED to say the least. That was the start of my day. Then I got home from work I checked the mail and got my $50.00 gift cards from lowes a deal I did here and then my brother called me and said can Zack come and stay the night with my nephew and I said sure, then my mom said bring the girls over and I was like YEAH! A couple of days ago at work I recieved this coupon for a FREE combo box at Raising Canes so my husband had a nice quiet dinner without any kids. Can you say I had so good luck today or God was just blessing me today?

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  1. Wow! What a great day! I hope your good luck continues!


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