Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laundry Room

Finally finished the doors on my laundry room, we just have to get the door handles on them. I so glad of the way it turned out. It feels more like a laundry space on and I want to go and do laundry in there now.

I had this frame and some extra fabric and just painted the frame black and added ribbon and hung it up under the cabinets.

My Laundry sign we found out hobby lobby at their 50% off sale so it ended up being 5.xx. It hung outside of the laundry room. I love it, it just ties everything together.


  1. Hi ya! Stopping by from Kelly's. I'm redoing my laundry room and looking for some inspiration. I love what you did with yours! Especailly like your little display on the dryer. Too cute!

  2. Thanks, I was inspired by Bless Our Nest here's her link to her laundry room. Good Luck! Glad I could help inspiring you!


  3. Wow!!!!! What a difference! I love the bright and cheery wall color. I recently revamped our laundry room. I was hoping it would make doing laundry more fun but it didn't work. Ha! It is pretty to look at though :)

    Great job on the room!


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