Friday, April 3, 2009

Had a break

My honey and I had a break from the kids tonight and went out to eat and to a movie. We were only planning on just going to an early movie when a lady (at my work) and I were talking about Johnny Carinos and she told me she had some 5 dollars coupons to go eat there sometime. Well, I didn't think she had them with her, but she did. So we got $40.00 worth of coupon money to spend there! WOO HOO! So our plans had changed and we went and picked up the kids at school and took them to my mom's and headed off to Johnny Carinos and ate dinner and then went to a .50 movie! WOO HOO for .50 movies before 6:00pm. We had a great time just spending together. I told my honey that we need to do this more often. I love my kids but we just need a time out sometimes too. But now we have some coupons left over we get another FREE dinner for the whole family tommorrow too. So mommy don't have to cook! YEAH! I hope you have a great weekend!

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