Sunday, March 22, 2009

recap on this weekend

Oh yes, I finally had my weekend to do what I wanted to do with no kids. My husband and I decided when he goes on a fishing trip for the weekend, that I would get to have a weekend for myself to do want I want to do. So, I went and stayed with my mom for the weekend. We went to the movies on friday to see Revolutionary Road it wasn't what we expected at all, we actually gave the movie a C. Since the movie wasn't all that great and I wasn't feeling all that good (having a sinus infection & upper respiratory infection), So went stopped at 7-eleven and rented Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants part 2, we have been wanting to see it for awhile now. It was good. Saturday we got up and went Thirfty Store Shopping, and we found some good deals. I found two dresses, two pairs of cute sandals, makeup bag, and a new purse. Then went to Ross and found another cute dress. Overall we had a fun time shopping til we drop and boy did we ever drop. HA! That night my dad treated us out to dinner at a new resturant called Cheddar's, they had the best onion rings that we have ever had. I had the HAWAIIAN CHICKEN sandwich and it was good as well, but we have decided next time we go we are just going to order some onion rings with our drinks and make it a lunch or dinner. The one thing that I wanted to show was this cute wreath my mom and I made today! I found this blog here on how to make a easter egg wreath. It was fun and easy to make. We only did one bag of 42 for two wreaths but you can make yours bigger if you like. We wanted it to be simple and easy and boy was it. My mom and I decided today that we might just have to make a girl's night for crafting and just mainly getting together and having fun! Here's what they looked like.
Here's my mom and her wreath hangin on her door!
Here's mine after I was done!
Here's mine on my door!
Here's what it looks like outside. I think they turned out cute!
I think its time to plant me a new plant in my pot and maybe some decor for the front porch. Oh my husband will be having another fishing trip coming and boy do I have some great and fun plans for my home. I can't wait. Have a great week!

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  1. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Your egg wreath is adorable!


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