Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy Mess

When we all woke up the dog want to go play outside in the sleet and ice. He loved it as you can see he was running around the backyard.
At first he didn't know what was outside but when he realized he was having fun!

I opened our front door and saw this! WOW! I glad we didn't go to school in this mess.

We are in for an ice storm up through today! Its not showing to have a huge amount but still enough to close schools down. The kids and I (I work at our public school) are out of school but my poor husband had to drive on in to work. When he was warming the van up this morning it was coming down pretty good of sleet, so maybe that will help out a little on the road for him. Oh, God please be with him today get him to work and back home safely! I don't care for the ice I just wish it would snow! I guess it will be a day of playing board games and watching tv, since its too icy outside.

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